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Logistics Management

Personnel of Will-Tech, Inc. have and continue to make third party logistics management services available to clients. Will-Tech's deep knowledge of the transportation industry allows Will-Tech to give the best transportation services while providing you with the best possible cost for those services.

It is experience, not only with handling the shipments personally, but the experience of contracting with the best providers that makes Will-Tech one of the best choices in third party management. Companies which have not had first-hand experience in transportation are at the mercy of their providers with regards to what can and should be included in a transportation contract. This first-hand experience also allows Will-Tech to quickly and appropriately evaluate carriers as to their quality of services and capabilities.

Some of our logistics management capabilities include:

  • Asset Managaement
  • Bar-coding
  • Inventory Control
  • Management Reports

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to service our customers in a professional manner with people that deliver the safest, most respectful service possible.

Our drivers, contractors, and employees are an important part of our business. We'll treat each other with the utmost respect and work together to accomplish our mission.


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